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CASA Payroll Services does the payroll for over 150 Local Municipalities (Title-40A) and Public Schools (Title-18A).  CASA does not use a franchise payroll system. We have created our own Proprietary Payroll Platform.  This system has been tailored to meet the specific requirements of government payrolls.  CASA PAYROLL SERVICE ARE THE EXPERTS ON PROCESSING GOVERNMENT PAYROLLS!!

  • Processing & Printing Payroll Checks & Direct Deposit Vouchers
  • Check Signing & Stuffing Service
  • Tax, Pay & File Service
    • CASA Payroll Service is not a Disbursing Organization.  CASA Payroll Service DOES NOT take possession at any time the local unit’s funds and IS exempt from the regulations contained in N.J.A.C. 5:30-17 Electronic Disbursement Controls for Payroll Purposes Handbook.
  • Tax Deposit Notice
  • Tax Liability Summary
  • CASA Calculates the Required Medical Deduction
  • Third Party Sick Pay
    • Handles FICA Taxable & Non FICA Taxable Entries
  • Total Wage & Deduction Report
  • Direct Deposit Service
  • Direct Deposit Pre-notification Report & Update
  • Accrual Reporting System
    • Management Reports & Balances On Check Stubs
  • Agency & Garnishment Deduction Check Processing
  • Conversion to CASA Payroll Service
    • No Work Required On Your End
    • CASA Will Key All Data Into System
    • CASA Will Perform Complete Payroll Audit Prior To First Payroll
  • Check Reconciliation Report
    • Includes Voids & Manual
  • Earning Detail Per Employee Report
  • Employee Data Changes
  • Electronic New Hire Reporting Service
    • Ensures Timely Compliance Of Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) 1998
  • CASA Payroll Remote Services: Report Viewer & Email Notification
    • Review, Print, Save & Email Payroll Reports
    • Productivity Tool Used To Edit Completed Payroll For Accuracy, Tie Into Gross & All Deductions, Verify File Changes & New Hires, & Make Bank Transfers More Efficiently
    • Eliminate Volumes Of Paperwork - Archive Reports On Your Computer, CD, Or Other Storage Medium
    • Immediate Access To Payroll Information - Years Of Payroll Data At Your Fingertips
    • CASA Will Also Maintain A Back-Up Of All Payroll Information
  • Human Resource Solutions
    • CASA Has Payroll Interfaces with People-Trak & ABRA HR Software Packages
  • Monthly & Quarterly PERS Reports
  • Monthly & Quarterly PFRS Reports (If applicable)
  • Monthly & Quarterly TPAF Reports (If applicable)
  • Multi-Purpose Deduction Report
    • Condenses All Employee Deduction Information To One Report
  • On-Line PC Payroll Input System
    • Installation / Software / Training
  • Payroll Check Register
  • Budgeted Payroll Expense Report
    • Used For Posting To General Ledger
    • Data Can Now Be Downloaded For Interface To General Ledger System If Your Vendor Is Willing To Work With CASA Data File
  • Payroll Input Sheet
    • Provides Manual Back-Up Should An Unforeseen Accident Or Health Problem Occur To Your Payroll Personnel- Call-in Or Fax Or
    • CASA Would Pick-Up Input Sheet & Key Payroll To Ensure On-Time Pay Day Distribution
  • Quarterly 941’s, NJ-927’s, & NJ-WR-30’s
  • Special Report Of Social Security Contributions (If applicable)
    • Figures Used For State DOENET System
    • Both TPAF & Non TPAF Employees
  • Special W-2 Group Term Life Insurance (over $50K) Imputed Income Report
    • Eliminates Manual Calculations For Fringe Benefit Posting At Year End
  • Time Clock Integration
    • CASA Currently Has Interfaces Built With Several Different Time Clock Vendors To Streamline The Data Collection And Input Process
  • Terminates
  • W-2 Reporting & Processing
    • Employer Laser Paper Copies Of W-2’s
    • Self-Sealed Employee Laser Mailer W-2’s
    • Social Security Administration W-2’s Filed Via Mag Media
    • NJ, PA, & Phila. Dept. Of Revenue W-2’s Filed Via Mag Media
  • Next Day Delivery
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