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Time Clocks - Collection Methods

Data Collection - Gathering employee punches can be accomplished in a variety of ways, or in other words, through a number of different types of time clocks. You may already have an idea of what "method" you'd prefer to use to collect your employee's punches. General methods for gathering employee punches include:

1. Fingerprint scan, or "biometric" 4. Over the Phone
2. Over the Web 5. Proximity Badge
3. PIN entry or badge "swipe"

Select a Time Clock by "Collection Method" - To learn more about our timekeeping options, select from the collection options listed below. Either select a method for collecting punches or view by product name in the right-side menu.

Fingerprint Scan ConnectivityOver the Web ConnectivityPin or Badge Swipe ConnectivityOver the Phone ConnectivityProximity Badge Connectivity





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